A dog attacked mortally in Jonquiere

A boston terrier was mortally attacked Monday morning on rue de Montfort in Jonquière. The owner of the little dog, Michaël Belley, denounces the situation in the hope that the regulation around dog leashes is tightened.
M . Belley was absent during the events. “My mother took my dog ​​out, like every morning,” he explains. She thought it was long before she came back, so she went outside. She then saw Frimousse, bleeding, crawling near the fence. She was panicked. It was a cyclist who was passing by who told him what had happened. “

According to what the witness said in The Daily, two large, long-haired dogs, looking like chows-chows and weighing about 150 pounds, would have thrown themselves on the little boston terrier.

Michaël Belley suspects that they are dogs belonging to a neighbor.

“She pulls them out all the time and does not tie them up. She sits on a block of cement nearby and lets them wander. After the attack, the lady would have come to pick up her dogs. When Michaël Belley came to her house, she refused to open her.

It would not be the first time that dogs are aggressive. The cyclist who attended the events was also bitten by the dogs a few weeks ago, and got away with a significant left triceps injury.

The man who was bitten complained, as did Michaël Belley, who mentioned that things are progressing rather slowly in the file.

“People from the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) were supposed to come in for a follow-up on the dangerousness test. It’s been four days, and no one has come. It’s revolting. We do not even feel safe on our own fenced yard. The cyclist who saw my dog ​​being killed, he had a severe injury, but the record was set aside. It was only yesterday (Thursday) that the police made a connection between the two events. In the meantime, the dogs are still there, and the lady continues to take them out every night, arriving from work. She takes them out and there are children walking in the parking lot. ”

During the passage of The Daily, said neighbor left home with two large dogs muzzled, presumably to take them on a ride. Michaël Belley adds having received information that both dogs would be required to wear a muzzle. It was not possible to know if the obligation was related to recent events.

This is the second dog attack in a week in Saguenay. On Tuesday night, a 7-year-old jack russel was attacked by a husky in the Marguerite-Belley schoolyard in Jonquière. The little dog suffered injuries that could have been more serious.

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