A four-month-old baby crushed to death by a car in a drive-in park in Monteregie

A 4-month-old girl was crushed to death Wednesday night by an automobile in the parking lot of the Cine-Parc de Boucherville, on the South Shore of Montreal.
The drama occurred around 11:25 pm The Longueuil Agglomeration Police Service (SPAL) reports that at the end of the film screening, the baby was sitting in a young children’s facility that had been placed next to his parent’s car storing objects. .

They were about to put the baby in his car seat when the person driving the parked car next door backed out of the parking lot. This is where the fatal impact occurred.

Resuscitation maneuvers were attempted as soon as possible, but they were unsuccessful. The death of the little girl was soon found in a hospital.

The Longueuil Agglomeration Police Service (SPAL) adds that the girl’s parents and some of her agents were taken to the hospital, suffering from violent nervous shock.

SPL spokesperson Melanie Mercille said Thursday morning that the unfortunate file did not contain a criminal element. No arrest has been made.

The Boucherville Cine Park is located on Eiffel Street, near the intersection of Highways 20 and 30.

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