A girl attacked in the toilets of a restaurant in Granby

A girl who was barely nine years old and went to the washroom of a restaurant in Granby was sexually assaulted. Worried not to see her come back to the table, her father caught a man near her. The suspect managed to flee the scene, but the police arrested him later that evening.
The girl’s family was at the McDonald’s restaurant on Denison Street East, when the girl went to the washroom at about 10:00 pm. Her father, who was worried not to see her come back, went back into the room where he caught a man near his daughter.

A scramble ensued between the father and the suspect. The latter managed to escape. A description of the individual allowed the police dispatched to the area to locate him on Drummond Street. The 22-year-old man, known to the police, was arrested. He must appear Tuesday at the courthouse in Granby.

The girl was not hurt. The nature of the actions of the man was not specified by the police service.

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