A late and rainy summer is coming to Quebec

Quebeckers who are anxiously waiting for their summer clothes on June 21 will have to wait a little longer.
The month of June should still be cool enough, under normal season, like spring, according to MétéoMédia forecasts.

Warm temperatures will only arrive in the second half of the summer, between July and August. The heat could last until September.

But Quebeckers should be a little less hot than last year, according to forecasts. There will be heat waves, but much less, said André Monette, chief meteorologist at MétéoMédia.

In the summer of 2018, a heatwave hit southern Quebec from June 29 to July 5 and more than 260 daily local heat records were beaten or equaled, according to the Quebec Ministry of the Environment. The heat wave was linked to only 66 deaths on the island of Montreal.

In the east of the province and more to Ontario, however, the weather should be cooler throughout the summer. A cold air mass in the center of the continent will keep temperatures below normal in parts of Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba and eastern Saskatchewan.

A lot of rain

The presence of this cold air mass and other warm mass on the US East Coast could, however, cause thunderstorms and rain in southern Quebec and Ontario.

“When we mix cold and hot weather, it’s raining, thunderstorms, especially in the summer,” Monette said in an interview.

“In the St. Lawrence Valley, from Montreal to Rimouski, via the Outaouais, the Estrie, we are likely to be above normal precipitation levels,” he added.

It will not rain every day, but there will be more thunderstorms, so more rain in less time, said Monette.

In the rest of the country, mercury is expected to go above normal in the season. In the Maritimes, the southern provinces will experience a hot summer, above the usual averages.

In British Columbia and western Alberta, warm, dry months are expected, which could lead to forest fires.

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