A man arrested after an assault at the Grand Mosque of Quebec

P resident of the Islamic Cultural Center of Quebec, Mohamed Labidi said the man had been intercepted shortly after 12 h 15 before the mosque by the security team in place since the massacre of January 2017.

“We intercepted him and he was asked what he was doing. He said he was at home and started insulting people who were there. A Muslim taxi driver who was passing tried to intervene, but the man punched him in the face, “Labidi said.

“Our security team is more present on the spot during the month of Ramadan and approach anyone who may seem suspicious to talk to them. However, according to the lead witness, I do not think it’s a hate crime. He’s probably more of a person with psychological problems, because I’m not sure he has his head. “

Mr. Labidi confirmed that the individual had been met and arrested by the Quebec Police Service (SPVQ), who also received the testimony of other people who were there. The SPVQ calls the event a “skirmish”.

“According to the testimony of those who were there, the abuser had expressed hostility messages Islamophobia and made anti-immigration statements before physically attacking the victim,” reads on the Twitter account organisation.

The SPVQ treats this event as an assault and not a hate crime. With The Canadian Press

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