A one-year-old child left alone in a vehicle in Quebec City

A one-year-old was left alone in a minivan on Wednesday afternoon in the Lairet neighborhood of Quebec City. A report was made to the Directorate of Youth Protection (DPJ).
At 12:55, the child was seen while alone inside the vehicle, in the parking lot of a pharmacy at the intersection of 1 st Avenue and Pine Street East. The witness called 911.

“The two rear doors are open as well as the passenger’s front door. The calling witness mentions that it is more than thirty minutes that he is alone and no adult in the surroundings, “said Sandra Dion, spokesman of the Police Department of the City of Quebec.

Patrollers went to see the child. After a few minutes, the father introduced himself to the police, followed by the mother. The parents were inside the pharmacy just before.

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