A role in the Pontiac mining industry for Cannon

The former provincial and federal minister, Lawrence Cannon, has been accepted into a major term at Sphinx Resources, whose mineral exploration in the Pontiac region is showing great promise.
D lready director of the company, Mr. Cannon was mandated to replace the president of the board after his retirement, an appointment that enhances the credibility of Sphinx Resources, according to its CEO, Jeremie Ryan.

“With the departure of John W. Hick, it was natural to offer him to Mr. Cannon, with his background and experience in governance,” says Ryan.

The former MP for Pontiac and Gatineau’s city councilor attends the Sphinx CA presidency shortly thereafter with other good news for the company.

On June 26, Jeremie Ryan announced the acquisition of 42 new claims (24.5 square kilometers) on Île-du-Grand-Calumet, lands with high potential for gold and silver mining. money.

In February, Sphinx’s president and CEO told the Law that his most recent soil samples from the Pontiac had high levels of zinc.

Optimism in the Pontiac

Although we are still far from the opening of a mine, Mr. Ryan emphasizes that there is room for optimism, especially in a RCM where economic development is difficult.

“To date, everything is positive,” says Jeremie Ryan. It’s a lot of work, but for me it’s a way to give back to the community. It takes jobs in the Pontiac. If we find a mine, that would be welcome. Social acceptability is there. People see me and congratulate me on having this job. ”

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