A stolen sign returned five years later

The week of a market gardener from Bromont started on a funny note. The scarecrow sign that he had been stealing five years ago reappeared in front of his booth Monday morning, accompanied by a surprising message from the thieves.
“I was very proud to see it this morning. They made my day, “said Jean-Guy Tarte, with a broad smile.

For if her surprise was great to see her wooden sign reappear after so many years, it was even more so by reading the content of the message that accompanied it.

Those who stole the sign five years ago humorously tell it that they have embarked on “this young man with a thumbs up”, without thinking about the consequences, after a “well-watered evening”.

The scarecrow was even baptized Carl by his “kidnappers” and quickly became “a brother” for all.

Carl’s “listening” and “impeccable silence” were greatly appreciated. “Above all, her incredible smile has charmed many people …”, reads the message, written on the back of an advertisement at the Dooly’s pool lounge in Bromont.

But, “although it is hard to replace,” the rogues, “taken of remorse,” decided to bring Carl back to his owner, without even asking “ransom,” they said while recommending him to “Take more care than the first time”.

“Carl has always said a lot of praise for you. I hope it will be as much for us, “write the authors in the sense of humor sharpened.

“Our flatter excuses. We are sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused you. Goodbye, Carl, thank you for these beautiful years, “conclude the authors of the message who sign” your old friends: Méo, Glasses and Garda “.

Long enough

“The message is comic,” laughs Jean-Guy Tarte who contacted La Voix de l’Est to share his adventure.

The latter believes that after five years, “the farce had lasted long enough”. “It did not give them anything to keep that. I want to thank the guys for their honesty and for bringing it back to me. Even though it took so long. I am an honest guy and it was given to me, “says the market gardener whose booth is located on the way to Granby, Bromont.

On Monday, the surprise reappearance of the sign was also the subject of the day at its booth.

Before the wooden scarecrow disappeared one night, Mr. Tarte had been using it for many years at the edge of the road to indicate the opening of his seasonal business. But he had to forget one night to put it inside his kiosk so he would not see it again. Until Monday.

“I thought it was a ride made by young people and they were going to bring it back one day. But we never saw him again, “he says.

The family Tarte had also donned his wooden scarecrow, with a crow on his shoulder, a nickname: Mr. Welcome, for the welcome that adorns his storefront.

“We lost Mr. Welcome, but we found Carl,” laughs Jean-Guy Tarte.

The latter claims that Carl will resume his place at the front of his business. But this time, he will make sure to fix it to avoid that the envy takes to other joyous lurons to take it to make a car ride and to adopt it for a few years.

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