A vehicle smashes a building in Quebec City: alcohol not involved

The SPVQ is still investigating the file and can not reveal many details. The hypotheses explored are, among others, those of malaise and the criminal offense.

According to witnesses, the vehicle was traveling at a high speed, much higher than the 50 km / h allowed on this artery, and collided with another vehicle a few hundred meters before losing control at the corner of Langelier.


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As a result of his second collision, one of the vehicles then “stole” to “land” in the dining room of the building, causing 12 injuries.

Although three of them appeared to have more serious injuries, all the ambulance wounded were in stable condition on Wednesday. We do not fear for their lives.

The majority of injuries were caused by broken glass windows and smoke inhalation, as the car caught fire inside the building.

The firefighters quickly extinguished the fire and there was no spread to the building.

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