A walk on the river at $ 300 per head

By affixing the seal of Château Frontenac to that of Croisières AML, two well-established companies in the nation’s capital, the risks were minimal and the bet calculated. Both parties are hopeful that the “A Castle on the Water” experience will quickly find a buyer.
A Château sur l’eau is the meeting of two “big machines” of Quebec City offering consumers an intimate product: a dinner cocktail-type meal concocted by the Château Frontenac Brigade aboard the Vent des îles of the family AML.

This 2.5-hour cruise brings the hundreds of passengers from Chouinard to Chute Montmorency and the tip of Île d’Orléans. And to launch the project, A Castle on the water will benefit from the Loto-Québec Fireworks Show. The cruises are offered on Saturday, July 27th, then every evening at the Grands Feux, between July 31st and August 24th.

The cost of the ticket: $ 300 per head. On the decks of the motor catamaran, which has been renovated to welcome the new concept, guests enjoy a hearty gastronomic cocktail, drink private import wines and other alcohol at will, all transported by the sound of the instruments and the waves of the St. Lawrence.

And with the cocktail dinner, we promote the dynamic experience, says the chef of the Château Frontenac, Frédéric Cyr. “When we are on a smaller boat, we really feel like sailing. We want people to move on all the bridges to admire the different points of view. ”

A few hundred meters separate the kitchen of the Castle and the embarkation pier. There was not too much restriction for menu making, so. “The experience is equivalent to that offered at the Château,” says Frédéric Cyr. Once on board, all you have to do is warm up and train. ”

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