An efficient jog for the environment

What is “plogging”? It’s the action of doing your usual jogging while picking up garbage that ends up in your way. The employees of the Harvest have become amateurs.
The “plogging” originates from Sweden, it is the combination of jogging and “plocka upp” which means “pick up”.

“We are a team that promotes the environment, we play sports and we like to see ourselves outside of work. The “plogging” is a good mix of everything that brings us together. It helps to keep fit while making a gesture for the environment, “says the owner of the Harvest – bulk food minimalistic trend & zero waste, Flavie Morin.

In the first week of May, a dozen employees gathered near the Saint-Charles River for their first pick.

“We had a first try to test how we would go about it, how to treat waste and everything more easily. Then it went really well. We decided to open up the activity on a larger scale, “says Morin.

The owner and her colleagues have created a public event on Facebook to allow others to join them.

“It’s an opportunity to meet people who care about the environment, to talk to each other. People have the taste of having a community that looks like them. In zero waste, there are some people who feel a little lonely in there. It’s nice to have an opportunity to get together and talk to people who share values ​​with you, “says Morin.

The first public activity of “plogging” organized by the Harvest will be held Monday evening at 18 h 30. The meeting point is the local located at 980 Cartier Avenue, to make a small household Montcalm district.

Plogging is a relatively new movement that is spreading in several countries. In Quebec, more and more Facebook groups on the subject are emerging. The Plogging Québec group also gathers people from Lévis, they share their picking and organize some groupings.

“It’s fun to do that gang, do something that is important to us and spend time outside. It can be done in the race or walking, all methods are good. If everyone can do a little bit, it’s going to make a big difference, “says the owner of the Harvest.

She and her team are planning several gatherings in various neighborhoods this summer. Those who wish to join them are welcome.

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