Another pontoon capsizes on the Memphremagog

Another pontoon capsized in the waters of Lake Memphremagog in recent days.
The boat overturned on its first outing near Merry Point in Magog last Thursday, said Lt. Sylvain Guay, spokesperson for the Memphremagog Police Board.

The capsized pontoon removed from Memphrémagog

A capsized pontoon late to leave the Memphremagog

“It’s a three-pin pontoon,” he said. Offshore, her owner noticed that one of the bowling was taking the water. ”

“He quickly came back to where he started, but he did not have time before the boat rolled over.”

The twenty-foot-long pontoon is not far from Charest Island, adds Guay. Concrete blocks were installed to hold it in place.

Nautical patrol boats were alerted and reported to the Office of Boating Safety. A light signal was installed on the wreckage. “The owner saw his business,” says Sylvain Guay.

“He’s looking for a way to get him out of the water. It’s not easy as an operation. ”

This is the second time in a month that such an incident has occurred on Memphremagog. At the end of June, a nautical boat of the same type was overthrown by strong winds.

Last week’s event did not make a victim either. “The owner was rescued by a person traveling by watercraft,” said Sylvain Guay.

“There was no liquid spill that could harm the environment.”

Mr. Guay mentions that it is exceptional to witness so many incidents in such a short time. “It’s been years since we’ve seen this kind of event,” he says.

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