Arrest of the owner of the St. Edward Zoo for animal cruelty

Normand Trahan, owner of the St. Edouard Zoo for 30 years, was arrested on Tuesday morning for animal cruelty.

The Society for the Protection of Animals conducted this criminal investigation. The Sûreté du Québec assisted him during the arrest.

Normand Trahan will face two counts of cruelty and neglect of animals. According to the warrant of arrest, he will be charged with willfully neglecting or failing to provide adequate and adequate food, water, shelter and care to the animals, as well as voluntarily animals and to birds kept in captivity unnecessary pain, suffering and injury.

The animals that are on site will be seized. This operation, conducted in collaboration with Humane Society International, will take place over several weeks.

It would be the first time in Quebec that a petition for animal cruelty has been brought by indictable offense.

The details of the operation will be revealed Tuesday afternoon during a briefing.

With the collaboration of La Presse canadienne

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