Asphyxiated farm worker: a deficient procedure

A deficient work organization is blamed for the death of an asphyxiated agricultural worker in Marieville in November 2018.
R √©jean Sirois, from Saint-Jean-Baptiste, had been behind a truck that had emptied his load on DG Noiseux’s farm.

The man in his sixties was killed instantly.

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In its report on this work accident, published on Tuesday, the Committee on Standards, Equity, Health and Safety at Work (CNESST) states that “the organization of tasks related to the unloading of corn in the plan of drying was deficient since no measure was in place to prevent access to the rear of the dump body during this type of operation.

CNESST recommends “planning for a safe site and grain handling area” and reminds companies that they are required to “take the necessary measures to protect the health and ensure the safety and physical integrity of the site. [their] workers.

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