“Avengers: final phase” becomes the biggest movie in the history of cinema

The latest opus of the superheroes “Avengers: Final Phase” Sunday delighted the record of revenue to “Avatar”, with more than 2.790 billion dollars raised globally since its release in April, announced the Disney group.
The 22nd film in the Marvel film world, which cost about $ 500 million, could pay even more, as it is screened on hundreds of US screens.

Its directors, brothers Joe and Anthony Russo, had said on Friday that the record held for ten years by James Cameron ($ 2.789 billion in revenue since its release in 2009) would be “thrilling”.

“James Cameron has always been an idol for us, he has nurtured our passion for making cinema from the beginning and being so close to one of his great films is really special,” said Anthony Russo at the Comi-Con San Diego, great meeting of pop culture.

The fourth and final installment of the adventures of Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and Company, riddled with spectacular fights, special effects, humor and tears, had made a flying start all over the world and especially in China, where his success has not been denied.

He had made his first record by becoming the first film in history to surpass the symbolic $ 1 billion mark in five days.

Another good news for Disney, its new version of the Lion King in 3-D has reported $ 433 million in revenue worldwide for its first weekend of operation, according to Disney.

This result, surpassing his budget of $ 250 million, puts him in “ninth position of films having made the best debut in the history of cinema,” says the company.

To tell the adventures of Simba the cub, director Jon Favreau used a completely new process: the film was shot by a traditional cameramen team, but within a world of virtual reality in 3D, and appealed to a cast of stars like Beyoncé for the voices of the characters.


Avengers: finals (2019): $ 2.790 billion
directed by Anthony Russo and Joe Russo
Avatar (2009): $ 2.788 billion
directed by James Cameron
Titanic (1997): $ 2.187 billion
directed by James Cameron
Star Wars: The Awakening of the Force (2015): $ 2.068 billion
directed by JJ Abrams
Avengers: The War of Infinity (2018): $ 2.048 billion
directed by Anthony Russo and Joe Russo
Jurassic World (2015): $ 1.672 billion
directed by Colin Trevorrow
Avengers (2012): $ 1.519 billion
directed by Joss Whedon
Fast and dangerous 7 (2015): $ 1.516 billion
directed by James Wan
Avengers: the era of Ultron (2015): $ 1.405 billion
directed by Joss Whedon
Black Panther (2018): $ 1.346 billion
directed by Ryan Coogler

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