Bad “timing” for an alleged identity fraudster

In the midst of turmoil at Desjardins and now Capital One, Patrick Contreras Sepulveda, accused of fraud with serial identity, could hardly have chosen a worse moment to try to soften the court.
Contreras Sepulveda, a 28-year-old Montrealer, faces a lawsuit in early September to face charges of fraud and fabrication and use of forged documents. Two alleged accomplices, Jean-Pierre Ondo Mendame and Wilfred Romaric Kouakou Kpli are co-accused.

According to the police evidence, the trio would have purchased on the “dark web” the identities of residents of western Canada.

In the summer of 2018, the three men went to Quebec to open fraudulent bank accounts with his stolen identities. Their goal; get checks and credit cards.

Vigilance at TD

Patrick Contreras Sepulveda was arrested on August 21, 2018 thanks to the vigilance of TD Bank employees on Henri-Bourassa Boulevard in Charlesbourg.

Still according to police evidence, the young man first showed up at the counter to open an account. He had in his hands a health insurance card, a Hydro-Qu├ębec account and a T4 tax slip in the name of another individual.

The employee detected the deception and his superior immediately called 9-1-1. The employee’s mission was to keep the “customer” at the counter as long as possible.

When he felt the hot soup, Contreras Sepulveda however decided to flee by giving up the false identity documents.

The police managed to intercept him as he fled in his Mercedes vehicle. They suddenly arrested the two alleged accomplices.

While searching the car, the police found 11 fake IDs with the face of Contreras Sepulveda or one of the accomplices and names of people who were victims of identity theft.

The police also searched the post office box of co-accused Mendame’s home on Chemin Sainte-Foy in Quebec City. They got their hands on six envelopes containing so many credit cards, not yet activated.

According to the police, TD and Desjardins financial institutions were targeted by the three accomplices. The Crown estimates potential fraud at more than $ 80,000.

Freedom denied

Crown Attorney Sarah-Julie Chicoine vigorously opposed Contreras-Sepulveda’s application for interim release in mid-July.

In addition to having a criminal record of the same nature, the young man is suspected of a fraud similar to that of Quebec worth $ 276,000 in Vancouver, says the Crown.

The defense counsel M e Jean-Philippe Lanthier appropriate in some respects, the evidence against his client is high since the young man was filmed by the bank’s surveillance cameras. The defense will, however, file a motion to exclude evidence regarding the false identity documents seized in the car.

Given the circumstances and pending cases of the accused, Justice Richard Grenier of the Superior Court concluded that the public would be shocked by the release on bail. Contreras Sepulveda will therefore remain in detention until the end of the proceedings.

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