BAPE of Lac-Megantic: Mayor Morin defends the route

The Mayor of Lac-Mégantic, Julie Morin, defended the proposed route for the rail bypass on the second day of hearings of the Bureau of Public Hearings on the Environment (BAPE).
P rofitant special permission to the City for a submission, usually not allowed in a project initiator qu’investigue BAPE, Morin listed the reasons why the bypass is needed and reminded all citizens interventions demanded and justified this project. “This is a tremendous mobilization from the outset for the health and quality of life of residents throughout the MRC,” she said.

Lac-Mégantic: a child moves the BAPE commissioner

“The city is never alone in making decisions, whatever they are. It is a tripartite project shared with the federal and provincial governments. After four years of work by experts and collaborators, with stringent and rigorous quality criteria, there has been pressure from governments to accelerate the process of completing the bypass. But it took five years to have a firm commitment on their part, “she said justifiably. She started the process for the bypass only a fortnight after being elected mayor in November 2017.

She listed the benefits of the current route, but on the condition of a yard in the local industrial park. She wants the project to serve the social reconstruction of her city. “It was the governments who demanded that the adjustments to the route be as minimal as possible. She was also asked about the needless destruction of homes in the downtown core.

70 hectares of forest destroyed

Two representatives of the forest producers’ union of southern Quebec, André Roy, president, and Martin Larrivée, director, came to the defense of agricultural and forestry producers, arguing that 70.5 hectares of forest would be destroyed by the construction of the road. circumvention, which should be compensated.

The Méganticois Bernard Boulet came to add information to the presentation of his brief made Tuesday night, about the increase in truck traffic on the current route 161, the streets Salaberry and Agnès in the Fatima district. He spoke in favor of extending the bypass around Highway 204 to join Woburn Road. “Transport Canada and the Quebec Department of Transport need to talk to each other about this, which they do very little! ”

Presentations of the memoirs of Ariane Tremblay, owner with her spouse of the Mégantic Sugar Shack, the CIUSSS of the Estrie CHUS Public Health Department, Sylvain Côté, LogiBel and the Regional Council of the Environment of Estrie, have been noted.

Jean Paradis, for his part, said: “A project manager is missing for this bypass that goes in all directions. Find one very quickly, there is surely an expert who exists in North America, because there are too many stakeholders, too many engineering firms, too many intermediaries. It’s urgent! “

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