Bisbille around the duck at the Grand Marche

The president of the company Les Canardises believes to have been unjustly removed from the Grand Exchange. He has the situation studied by lawyers in order to assert his rights. For its part, the Cooperative Horticulturists of Quebec does not blame anything in this story.
“I was thinking of returning to the Grand Exchange on June 15 in a temporary location. I raised ducks and kept employees for that. I knew at the end of May that I was not welcome. They waited until the last minute to tell me. I had to put people out, “laments the President of Canardies, Pascal Klein.

Mr. Klein also says that the situation has made him lose a lot of money.

The president sold his products to the Old Port market for 15 years. In January, he asked the Cooperative for a temporary location in the Grand Exchange. He had kept in mind that this site was going to be attributed to him.

“I never had contracts, I sent emails and I did not get any answers. Then I learned from the press that he had put someone else in our place, The Goulu Duck. What does not bother me because it’s a public market, but it’s because I’ve never had the right time, “he notes as well.

Mr. Klein receives many calls from some of his customers who are wondering why his products are not in the Grand Exchange. So he decided to talk about it publicly. He does not want his clients to believe that this was his decision.

A permanent “reserved” location

The general manager of the Cooperative, Daniel Tremblay, however, maintains that a lease of permanent location was transmitted to Mr. Klein in June 2018. He does not accept the reproaches that the President of the Canardises expresses about him.

“When we worked on planning the Grand Marché project, we offered them a permanent place. They had the choice of everything and they had priority as the only company of ducks. We offered a place to all the tenants of the Old Port, “he says.

Mr. Tremblay explains that Mr. Klein sent a response to the message only in January, six months later. He wanted a temporary rather than permanent location due to an employee problem.

“It’s a beautiful company, we have nothing against them. It’s a business choice, and that’s what I respect in there. I had to redo my plans, it’s a lot of work. We had refused the other duck companies at the beginning, and we finally agreed with Canard Goulu, who accepted the permanent location. ”

The company Les Canardises will finally be installed at Les Galeries Gourmandes at the Galeries de la Capitale at the opening this fall. Mr. Klein admits that it was his plan B, he is happy to be able to find it, since he can not finally sell his products at the Grand Exchange.

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