Cannes: Kechiche, an ass movie

Abdellatif Kechiche was to present “Mektoub my Love: canto uno” last year in Cannes. We did not lose anything to wait with the continuation, “Intermezzo”. The director of “The Life of Adele”, controversial Palme d’Or in 2013, delivers an unbearable turnip three quarters of which take place in a nightclub, the film of a perverse monkey who uses his camera in plunge to film the ass of her short dressed actresses who wiggle (178 shots according to the count of a journalist). With a bonus scene a very raw 13 minutes cunnilingus toilet and pole dancing …
The great feature film begins with a half-hour scene at the beach and then continues in a box, under a deafening techno music, for three hours. No real scenario or dialogue, Kechiche tries hypnosis with this great anything, which has radical only its ridiculous artistic pretensions to illustrate the desire of youth.

On the evening of the premiere, the Franco-Tunisian director hurriedly left the room at the end. A good idea…

* * *

Fortunately, this 72nd festival ended on a good note with Sybil . Justine Triet has found Virginie Efira, her actress of the very good Victoria (2016), for this tragicomedy on the drift of a woman. In wanting to help Margot (Adele Exarchopoulos), Sybil (Efira) will put herself in danger, and not nearly.

It’s a shame that we have programmed this successful film on all plans at the very end of the course. He deserved a better spell. As much for the extraordinary performance of Virginie Efira – all the cast is solid – as the talent manifested by Triet as director.

I will have the opportunity to come back when Sybil will be showing in Quebec. But remember that even if he revisits known themes (reality / fiction, desire, double, etc.), the fingering of the director can take the piece.

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