Caquist succession wishes to provoke long-term reflection

To mark the final right of his mandate as president of the Commission under the Future Coalition Quebec (CRCAQ), the Granbyen Kevin Paquette will address Sunday several hundred campaigners rallies this weekend in Montreal as part of the General Council party.
In doing so, Mr. Paquette will speak just before the Prime Minister and leader of the party, Fran├žois Legault.

This will not be the first public address of the Granbyen, quite the opposite. It had ignited the crowds at the party congress at the same time last year, so that the young Caquist had impressed Francois Legault. “He impresses everyone. Last Saturday, he gave a speech [in front of supporters]. People had goose bumps. Kevin, it’s a pride. At 21 years old, this is the kind of young person for whom the CAQ works. We consult him when it comes to choosing our priorities, “declared the future Prime Minister.

Then, just before the October 1st election, Mr. Paquette had the opportunity to address the Caquist activists who were thrown together at a partisan party in Terrebonne. “It was at the end of a marathon, with a great frenzy. It had been a privilege to introduce Fran├žois Legault, “recalls the principal.

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The environment in the sights On

Sunday, the 22-year-old intends to recall the long road traveled by the party since its founding in 2012, becoming in turn second official opposition group then the government, in place since last October.

The main theme of the General Council will be the environment, a topic that is at the heart of the Caquist succession, says Kevin Paquette. “This is the subject of the hour, even the century,” he notes, rejoicing that among the 32 proposals with environmental content that could adopt the party over the weekend, ten come directly from the over.

These included a proposal to legislate on planned obsolescence, another to introduce water bottle royalties and measures to promote teleworking, car sharing and intelligent transportation.

The president of the CRCAQ does not hide it, his party did not talk enough about the environment during the last election campaign. It is now important to correct the shot. “During the election campaign, we saw how important it was; we, the young people, we immediately pushed that to the party, “recalls the young man.

This is the main complaint he is making to his party, which he believes has kept most of his promises since he was elected Quebec leader.

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Elected president of the CRCAQ in 2017, after having also served as secretary, treasurer and vice-president, Kevin Paquette will finish his term at the annual meeting of the commission, August 17 and 18 at the University Bishop’s.

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It is also at this moment that the Caquist succession will look at the orientations it will propose to the party. She will recommend that she adopt a long-term vision that goes beyond a mere four-year term.

It is not that he blames his party for thinking in the short term: he wants to contribute to change, considering this future long-term plan as “the legacy” of the youth wing of the CAQ.

“At the CAQ, we say that we want to do politics differently,” says the Granbyen, “that we embody change. For us young people, this change means thinking about the future, our future, but also about our children and grandchildren. “

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