Change of name: a hot topic in Asbestos

The change of name of the city of Asbestos is a hot topic that raises the passions in this Estrie community formerly known for its open-pit asbestos mine.
The reactions go in all directions. Much give their support while others display their dissatisfaction.

At the Chamber of Commerce and Entrepreneurship Sources (CCES), we see the project a good eye, but we hope that the municipality will be very transparent in the process leading to the name change.

“Opinions are divided,” says Thomas Deshaies, president of the CCES. Several companies are satisfied. Asbestos means asbestos in English and internationally asbestos is banned. ”

“Elected officials tell us that it is possible for people to talk to them to discuss it. We want all this to be very transparent. ”

Recall that the municipality of Asbestos Wednesday relaunched the idea of ​​a name change for the city. The public is asked to make suggestions for the new name. The project to change Asbestos has returned to the table a few times in recent decades.


Since Wednesday, the idea of ​​tarnishing a referendum on the name change is raised. Mr. Deshaies, does not want to pronounce on this possibility.

“It’s like the merger with Danville; there were pros and cons. Now that the merger has been rejected, Asbestos has decided to take control and many business people, especially those selling internationally, are happy. ”

“There must be opportunity to do that without denying the cultural and historical pride of the people of Asbestos.”

The project is not just two happy. On Facebook for example, many say against the name change.

Joël Côté and Isabelle Forcier, “committed citizens” of Asbestos, are calling for a “referendum in which the population of Asbestos will be able to say yes or no to the name change”.

“It’s the basis of democracy! If the majority of people say yes in a formal referendum, it will be necessary to rally to the opinion of the majority. The opposite is also true. There are valid arguments on the side of people who are for or against a change of name. “

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