Childbirth on the Pierre Laporte Bridge

Two Levis paramedics helped a woman give birth while their vehicle was in the middle of the Pierre-Laporte bridge.
C is around 22h Wednesday, July 24 as Helene Vachon ambulance and Sébastien Cliche responded to the call from a woman Levis who was about to give birth. The baby presented by the seat, which constitutes a risk factor.

On the way to the CHUL Mother and Child Center in Quebec City, contractions have increased. The paramedics stopped their vehicle on the side of the road in Lévis for the delivery, but it did not take place. They continued on their way, but it was when the ambulance was crossing the Pierre-Laporte bridge that the baby showed up.

“Hélène Vachon was driving the vehicle, while Sébastien Cliche was in the back with the patient. He asked his colleague to stop, but it was impossible to do so safely, “says Francis Brisebois, communications coordinator for the ambulance company Dessercom.

It is thus in full displacement that the child was born. The delivery went well and the baby is in good health, as is the mother, adds Brisebois.

Even though paramedics attend training to intervene during a delivery at risk of complications, such an experience is very rare. “It was a first delivery for the two paramedics, who have been working in the field for 10 years,” says Brisebois.

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