Cine-Parc Orford tightens its security measures following the death of the baby in Boucherville

The Cine-Park Oford was quick to react, the day after the death of a four-month-old baby who was crushed by a car in a Boucherville drive-in movie on Wednesday night. Concerned about the environment it offers its visitors, the Sherbrooke establishment has strengthened its security measures.
“As soon as we heard about the news, we immediately felt concerned and we said we should take action to improve the safety of visitors,” said spokeswoman Cine-Parc Orford, Marie -Pier Hinse. It is a very family place, there are children everywhere. ”

A four-month-old baby crushed to death by a car in a drive-in park

In addition to sensitizing every spectator who chooses to sit or lie down on the ground to the dangers it runs, the establishment now banned children’s tents.

“We decided to ban tents like the one in which the baby was in Boucherville,” says Hinse. It’s really about making parents aware that they must always pay attention to children. It’s easy to get distracted. ”

The administration also plans to install areas strictly reserved for lawn chairs and blankets and inaccessible by car. “These areas will allow people to expand in safety and comfort,” says Hinse. We are currently looking for a location to develop them. From a logistic point of view, it’s quite complicated, so we will not be able to do it immediately. ”

In the meantime, the drive-in cinema recommends viewing inside the car or on camping chairs, which are at a “more visible height”. “Our security people were already walking between the vehicles to check that the dogs are tied up, that there are no glass containers and that the cars are parked, among other things. It will not be more complex for them to raise awareness of people who are not visible at the same time. ”

Fortunately, accidents are rare at CinĂ©-Parc Orford. “I would say that the worst that happens is a few times when people are back in the posts,” notes the spokeswoman.

Previously, sensitization was done around speed. “We warned especially in connection with the dangers we represent by being a motorist. There, we will really play on both sides of the coin and raise awareness on the side of drivers as well as on the side of people who are not visible to them. We will also add signage. While waiting for it to be produced, we will be sending messages to the microphone to tell people to be careful and to go around the vehicle before leaving, for example. ”

Tragic death of a baby

A four-month-old girl was crushed to death Wednesday night, around 11:25 pm, by an automobile in the parking lot of the Boucherville Cine-Park, on the South Shore of Montreal.

At the end of the film screening, the baby was sitting in an infant facility next to his parent’s car storing things. They were about to put the baby in his car seat when the person driving the parked car next door backed out of the parking lot. This is where the fatal impact occurred.

Resuscitation maneuvers were attempted as soon as possible, but they were unsuccessful. The death of the little girl was soon found in a hospital.

The girl’s parents and some of her agents were taken to the hospital, suffering from violent nervous shock.

The Longueuil City Police Service stated that the unfortunate file did not contain a criminal element. No arrest has been made.

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