Conditional absolution for a woman who tried to choke her mother

Jonquiéroise Nancy Gauthier, who tried to suffocate her mother with a headscarf in March 2015, is entitled to a conditional discharge. Judge Paul Guimond delivered his verdict Wednesday morning at the Courthouse in Chicoutimi.
L has woman who pleaded guilty to a charge of assault causing harm will be on probation for three years. She will have to complete 200 hours of community work. It must meet several conditions, including not to annoy the victim or to be in his presence, unless it is at the initiative of his mother. Nancy Gauthier will also have to take her medication as directed by her doctor.

The Crown was asking for a sentence of six to 12 months. The judge leaned on the side of the defense seeking a conditional discharge.

Recall that the Jonquiéroise now 56 years old attacked her mother who was 79 years old one evening in March 2015. She tried to smother her with a scarf by surprising her from behind, telling him that she wanted to kill her. The victim had managed to defend himself with a knife.

More details to come.

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