Congestion on Route 138: the Ministry of Transport changes its mind

To prevent the formation of other major traffic jams, the Ministère des Transports adjusts its work on Route 138, in Saint-Tite-des-Caps, and allows daytime traffic.
The onday afternoon, a 15 kilometers traffic jam formed on this road, the only one to go to the Charlevoix and the North Shore. “We changed the traffic management strategy. What caused the traffic jam yesterday (Monday) was traffic alternately, “says Mila Roy, spokesman for the Department of Transport.

Starting on Wednesday, a lane will be open in each direction on Highway 138 during the day, while traffic will continue to alternate between evening and night.

Ms. Roy explains that the department must absolutely replace culverts that cross Route 138 in Saint-Tite-des-Caps, between Chemin des Beaudoin and Chemin des Bouleaux. “We tried to do this work during the construction holidays, but the traffic was too intense. We pushed them back this week, but the traffic is still very dense, so it will be done early in the morning or later in the day, “she says.

Holidaymakers returning from Charlevoix and the North Shore must take their trouble as a patient, because in addition to this roadblock, important work is also underway in Baie-Saint-Paul, between the rank of Martine and rank St. Anthony.

On Tuesday, the Ministry of Transportation installed street signs on Highway 138 to warn motorists of work in progress and recommends that travelers go to to estimate the length of their trip.

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