Cowansville repatriates the sale of medals for dogs and cats

Cowansvillois pet owners will have to report directly to the City in 2020. The municipality has agreed to resume the sale of licenses for cats and dogs, at the request of the SPA of Cantons.

Selon Carl Girard, director of the Townships SPA, collecting money from medals should not be the role of animal welfare societies.

“It’s 2019 and we’re still talking about door-to-door. It’s a little archaic, believes Mr. Girard. People do not like door to door, they find us intrusive. ”

The City of Cowansville will set up an online platform for the purchase of medals. Citizens will also benefit because the cost of the medal will decrease significantly. Currently set at $ 20 in Cowansville, the cost will be $ 9 plus taxes in 2020 and $ 5 plus tax in subsequent years.

In a council meeting on Tuesday, the elected officials awarded a contract to Agri-Traçabilité Québec for the development and implementation of a computer platform that will allow citizens to pay and renew the animal permits of their four-legged friends. In doing so, the City is continuing its momentum towards being a smart city.

The average number of pets in Cowansville is estimated at 2460.

The mayor of Cowansville Sylvie Beauregard relies on the good faith of the owners to voluntarily register their animal.

The Townships SPA will only be responsible for the animal management and will have in hand the list of registered animals. It will however be more uncompromising if the owners have not registered their cat or their dog.

The same request from the organization was made to the cities of Granby and Farnham, but no decision has been made by these two municipalities at the moment, informs Carl Girard.

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