Crushing of an Air Saguenay Beaver: three dead, four missing

An Air Saguenay Beaver crashed into a Labrador lake, killing three and missing four.
The general manager of the Sebastien Lake bush company, Jean Tremblay, confirmed the sad news in The Daily.

The aircraft was found by search and rescue crews of the Royal Canadian Air Force in Trenton at the bottom of the lake where he was supposed to drop off his passengers. Three bodies were on board and four others were missing. Jean Tremblay hopes to find them alive.

“Our aircraft (C-FJKI) was chartered by an outfitter from Crossroads Lake (Labrador near the Churchill Falls Reservoir) who took her clients fishing daily. On board, there was our pilot, two guides and four fishermen. They had to go to Mistastin Lake on Monday morning and come back Monday night, “says Jean Tremblay.

The pilot, whose identity has not yet been revealed but who has several thousand hours of flight, had to leave at 7am Monday morning and return at 19h. “He delayed his departure because of the low ceilings but when he took off at 10am, the sky was clear over the entire territory,” continues Mr. Tremblay.

When the aircraft did not show up at Crossroads Lake at 19:00 as scheduled Monday night, the carrier waited 30 minutes to try to reach the pilot and after another 30 minutes without success, he warned the center. Trenton search and rescue.

The Ontario base dispatched a Hercules aircraft that began searching overnight to finally find the heavily damaged aircraft at the bottom of Mistastin Lake, one mile from shore.

“We do not know yet what happened but according to the description that the rescuers have made us of the plane, one would think that it crashed at the time of landing, analyzes Jean Tremblay. Sometimes it happens that a plane spills on a lake so huge when there are high winds but it does not cause significant damage.

According to Jean Tremblay, an accident occurring during the take-off run or a few seconds after take-off could also explain the damage suffered.

The rescuers found three bodies in the aircraft but four people, including the pilot, are missing.

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