Daniel Craig operated on his ankle after injuring himself on the set of the new James Bond

British comedian Daniel Craig is going to have an ankle surgery after injuring himself while filming the new episode of the James Bond saga, an incident that does not change the production schedule.
D aniel Craig was injured during the shooting in Jamaica’s fifth movie in the skin of the most famous spy in the world, said Wednesday the official James Bond account on Twitter.

The output of the 25 th episode of the adventures of 007 remains scheduled for April 2020, are we the same source.

The production schedule remains unchanged, although Daniel Craig will have to watch a recovery of two weeks after the intervention.

The first echoes of his injury go back to last week. Contacted by AFP, Daniel Craig’s agents had not responded.

According to the New York Post, he slipped on a platform and made a fall.

Daniel Craig is the first actor to perform himself as many stunts among those who have assumed the role of the secret agent.

This investment has already earned him several injuries.

He notably lost his two upper central incisors on the Royal Casino plateau and dislocated his shoulder on Quantum of Solace , which had already required surgery.

After being asked to re-enlist, Daniel Craig finally agreed to play Bond for the fifth and probably last time, at age 51.

He is often considered the best Bond in history, including one of his predecessors, Roger Moore.

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