Danville hit by microburst

All indications are that the Danville area, near Asbestos in Estrie, was hit by a microburst on Tuesday night.
C is the observation made by the meteorologist André Cantin, Environment Canada, after knowing the damage noticed in the municipality.

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“We are talking about winds of up to 100 kilometers per hour,” he says in an interview with La Tribune .

“It’s powerful enough to cause damage. At this strength, trees that have all the leaves at this time of the year can be uprooted, especially those with shallow roots. This is also the case when the soil is wet. It weakens the trees’ resistance. ”

The Danville area suffered damage following a violent weather system on Tuesday late afternoon. Several damages were noted, including trees and fallen branches.

“We do not report other damage elsewhere in Estrie,” he adds.

“There were several storm cells that crossed the Estrie region on Tuesday.”

Teams from the municipality cleared the roads, it says. A drop off point has been established for branches and trees that citizens want to dispose of.

Hydro-Québec also reports power outages. About 500 subscribers were powerless on Wednesday morning.

Teams were deployed in the field and worked for recovery in the following hours. However, the work could be longer in some areas.

Let’s not forget that Environment Canada has maintained a vigil of violent storms for the Estrie region Wednesday morning. Conditions remained favorable for the formation of thunderstorms that could produce strong bursts, heavy hail and heavy rain.

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