Davie in federal plans

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada confirmed the complete renewal of the Coast Guard fleet.

The two partners selected in 2012 as part of the naval strategy, Irving Shipbuilding of Halifax, Nova Scotia and Vancouver Shipyards of Seaspan, British Columbia will build the first 18 new ships promised. An order in addition to the $ 65 billion of contracts that were awarded to them at the time under this same strategy.

The Minister of the Family and Member of Parliament for Quebec, Jean-Yves Duclos, later confirmed to the Quebec Coast Guard base the willingness of his government to implement in the coming weeks a competitive process to select a third construction site. partner of the strategy, expressing hope that Davie is retained.

“There is just a third player. We know it’s us, “said Frédérik Boisvert, Vice President of Public Works Davie, who reacted after the announcement of Minister Duclos. This is good news because it has been said for years that there is a major problem in the maritime strategy, a lack of production capacity. It’s been seven years since the strategy was started, there were $ 65 billion of contracts awarded and zero ships delivered. I think the result speaks for itself. ”

In this context, it is slightly concerned that Ottawa appears to be “rewarding shipyards that do not deliver the goods” by adding 18 ships to their order books.

To the rescue

At the same time, it is satisfied that the federal government considers “finally” Davie, which accounts for 50% of the production capacity of all shipyards in the country. “The signal we hear is that if the other two yards do not deliver the goods, we become a solution. We will be there to finish contracts that can not be and start contracts that can not be, “added Mr. Boisvert.

The Sun has learned that the Trudeau government must choose a contract award process at Davie so as to avoid any challenge to the other two projects. The fact that the granting of these contracts is partly political and is the subject of a happy “drawing of cover” from one end of the country to the other.

A sea of ​​possibilities

This is the second good news for the Lévis shipyard for a week. On Friday, Ottawa confirmed that it wanted to award him the contract to build two ferries: the Madeleine , which provides the link between the Magdalen Islands and Souris on Prince Edward Island, and Holiday Island. one of two vessels connecting Wood Islands on Prince Edward Island to Caribou, Nova Scotia. Each should occupy 400 workers in the medium term.

Davie is currently converting two icebreakers and completing the refit of the icebreaker Louis-Saint-Laurent. It operates at only 15% of its capacity.

The shipyard also expects to participate in the modernization of the Halifax-class frigates for which 400 more will be needed within two years.

Finally, Mr. Boisvert sees other opportunities for contracts outside the national strategy as the fleet of ferries, patrol ships and submarines get older.

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