Denis Paradis leaves politics

Brome-Missisquoi MP Denis Paradis will not run for next October’s election and leaves politics.
“I had been thinking for a while, but it was a difficult decision. Politics is something that I really like and which is almost part of my DNA, “says the outgoing Brome-Missisquoi MP in an interview with La Voix de l’Est on Sunday morning.

Denis Paradis, who has been in the House of Commons for more than 15 years as a Brome-Missisquoi representative under the banner of the Liberal Party of Canada, made the news public Sunday morning. His political caucus would have been notified only the day before.

“What prompted me to make this decision is that I just turned 70 and it’s a four-year term. If it was a two-year term, maybe I would have continued, but not to finish my term at almost 75 years old. ”

A lawyer by training, a winemaker and a restoration entrepreneur, Mr. Paradis says he will not “miss any challenges in the coming years” even though he does not have a specific plan for the moment.

“I do not want to be the godmother of the party, but I will continue to be vigilant about the Lake Champlain and Memphremagog files. The environment side has been my workhorse in the last years. I have no idea to lock myself in my land and stay watching the parade, I will continue to get involved, “he says.

Denis Paradis hopes that the records they have been carrying for several years in the environmental field will be taken up by the person who will succeed him.

Cloudy period

The mandate of Denis Paradis has been stirred by unrest within the county association in recent months. In August 2018, a “renewal team” attempted to seize a majority of positions within the association to demand more transparency from the MP. In October, a petition calling for a nomination contest for the next federal election had more than 400 signatures. Guillaume Tétreault, leader of the “renewal team”, was finally elected president of the association before being removed from office in January.

Recall that because of the conventions of the Liberal Party of Canada, Denis Paradis was automatically nominated as a candidate because he had fulfilled the requirements of the CCP.

According to Mr. Paradis, peace has been restored between the federal Liberals of Brome-Missisquoi for several months. “It’s not a situation that influenced my decision to leave,” he says.

Old road

The member for Shefford Pierre Breton, colleague and riding neighbor of Denis Paradis, emphasizes the quality of the politician.

“It’s someone I really enjoyed working with and collaborating on our behalf. Denis is a politician, very close to his business and always very loyal to his fellow citizens, “says Pierre Breton.

The latter points out that his colleague was extremely supportive after the October 2015 elections, when many political novices found themselves in Ottawa. “He was very generous with his experience. He made sure we were comfortable with our new responsibilities and gave us valuable advice, “added Pierre Breton.

15 years

Denis Paradis was first elected at the close of the by-election following the death of Bloc MP Gaston Péloquin in 1995.

Reelected in 1997, 2000 and 2004, he had to bow to Christian Ouellet in 2006 and in 2008.

He finally regained his seat following the October 2015 election.

Mr. Paradis has held various positions during his political career, including serving as Minister responsible for the Francophonie and Minister of Foreign Affairs in the government of Jean Chrétien.

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