Disappearance of Stephane and Justin Roy: sad denouement

The president of Sagami-Savoura, Stéphane Roy, builder of the market gardener whose tomato brands are well known to Quebec consumers, died in the crash of his helicopter. The camera in which he was sitting with his 14-year-old son was found on Thursday at Lake Valtrie north of Mont-Tremblant Park.
At 4 pm on Thursday, the SQ issued this message: “Unfortunately, the team deployed in the field found two dead people. All indications are that it would be the two occupants of the aircraft, Mr. Stéphane Roy and his son. The investigation into the circumstances of the event is underway. A formal identification will follow “.

Mr. Roy and his son had been missing since July 10 in the Upper Laurentians.

The family had rushed to Hagia Sophia on Thursday afternoon, after the SQ reported that the helicopter had been found.

Stephane Roy’s brother, Daniel, expressed his deep sadness, thanking everyone who participated in the research and sent messages of hope to the family.

“We had hope”

“This morning [Thursday], we got up like the last 15 mornings. We had hope. We had made our game plan the day before. We had our meeting with the SQ to continue the research. We never gave up, “he said in an interview.

As the pilot did not have a flight plan and no distress signal was detected, with the exception of some cellular data, there was little information available on the route taken by the aircraft. missing.

According to Daniel Roy, changes should be made in terms of regulations and technical means to prevent such a tragedy.

«C’est impensable qu’aujourd’hui, en 2019, qu’on ne soit pas capable de retrouver rapidement un appareil comme ça avec deux passagers, qui sont en situation d’urgence. On se fie à la balise [de détresse], mais on se rend compte que ce n’est pas ça qui peut sauver des vies. Il y a des choses qui vont devoir changer, il y a des règlements qui vont devoir changer, il y a des technologies qui vont devoir s’ajuster. J’étais foudroyé de voir ça», a-t-il fait valoir.

«Présentement, nous, on veut vivre le deuil. On va se réunir en famille, on va accompagner Stéphane, Justin, jusqu’à leur dernier repos. On va laisser les gens faire leurs enquêtes, mais chose certaine, ça ne peut pas continuer comme ça», a-t-il ajouté.

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) reported late Thursday that it was sending a team of investigators to examine the Robinson R44 helicopter found near Lake Valtrie.

Daniel Roy praised the career of his brother, president of Sagami-Savoura, while focusing on the loss of a father and his 14-year-old son.

“He’s a fighter, he was someone who still had a lot of plans, and in all of history, you should not forget his son, Justin. He was just like his father, he was only 14 years old, he had his whole life in front of him. We want people to think of both. It’s not just a CEO who left, but it’s a father and a son. And it’s a family, “he said.

A pioneer

Earlier, spokesman Roy Michaud, the company and the Roy family, made the remarks to La Presse canadienne: “Roy’s greatest achievement is his little boy Justin who, unfortunately, was swept away by this unfortunate incident. ”

André Michaud, who was also close to Mr. Roy, described the president of Sagami-Savoura as a pioneer.

“Mr. Roy is a rigorous builder, extremely passionate about his work. He was a man who loved agriculture, who had a modern vision of agriculture. He was a forerunner in Quebec, but far beyond Quebec. His company is a North American model of organic farming and Mr. Roy can be proud of it, “he said.

Prime Minister François Legault thanked the people who participated in the research on social networks. The Prime Minister also extended his condolences to the family.

“I am saddened to learn of the tragic death of Stéphane Roy and his son Justin. On behalf of our entire government, I extend my deepest condolences to the family, loved ones and all employees of Savoura. All of Quebec is behind you in these difficult times. ”

The helicopter was found in the Lac Valtrie area, about 80 kilometers southeast of Lac-De La Bidière, from where Stéphane Roy and his son took off on Wednesday, July 10.

Father and son were reported missing on Thursday, July 11, when they had to go home the day before. However, they never returned from their fishing trip aboard the Robinson R44 helicopter, piloted by Stéphane Roy.

The search for the helicopter required the overflight of 20,000 square kilometers of densely wooded territory in the Upper Laurentians.

The army and the Sûreté du Québec carried out aerial, ground and water searches in the days following the disappearance.

The territory of the excavations extended from Lac-De la Bidière to Sainte-Sophie.

Earlier this week, SQ investigators said they had received information that allowed them to target a smaller area for search. Search with volunteers and private helicopters.

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