Dr. Rancourt struck off for life from the College des medecins

Unsurprisingly, the Disciplinary Committee of the College of Physicians wrote off for life Dr. Jean-François Rancourt, a family doctor from Montmagny who took the penitentiary path last summer for sexually assaulting fifteen patients. Fines totaling $ 35,000 were also imposed.
The e Dr. Jean-François Rancourt, 58, had been removed for a period of five years in December 2017 following a first complaint, it should be recalled in the decision of the Disciplinary Board issued on 25 July.

In July 2018, the family doctor, who was practicing in a medical clinic in the old downtown area and at Hôtel-Dieu de Montmagny, was sentenced to two years in prison after pleading guilty to sexual assault on 15 patients between January 2013 and November 2015. Many of these attacks occurred during pregnancy follow-ups.

The decision on the sanction of the Disciplinary Council of the College of Physicians covers 11 counts relating to sexual abuse committed on seven patients between June 2013 and May 2017. The fifties took advantage of gynecological examinations to exercise “rotary movements” on the clitoris of his patients, it says.

In its decision, the Disciplinary Council salutes the courage of the patients who testified before him. “Each expressed very well the doubt, the anguish and the interrogations that haunted them from the moment of aggression. Some wondered if they had experienced a hallucination, when everything was real, “writes the Council.

“Deeply marked”

According to him, the seriousness of the facts for which the doctor pleaded guilty alone requires the imposition of a permanent sentence.

The Board notes that the respondent was a family doctor for the seven patients for many years, and that he abused his authority and the confidence that he had placed in him “to engage in […] continuous, repeated aggression that left the latter deeply marked. ”

He also mentions that the respondent’s hand that touched the intimate part of the patients was not gloved, and that in doing so, the doctor “behaved in a careless, even dangerous, way putting the health of his patients “.

According to the Commission, the respondent’s misconduct directly undermines public confidence in doctors and the profession. “Patient-experienced events can lead the public to believe that any patient is at risk and can be abused by their doctor, regardless of the context of the consultation request,” he writes.

In addition to permanent removal from the College of Physicians, Dr. Jean-François Rancourt has been fined a total of $ 35,000, which he must pay without delay.

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