Ecologist Dominic Champagne to address Caquist activists

Director and environmentalist Dominic Champagne will be speaking to the Caquist militants meeting in general council in Montreal next weekend to convince them of the “urgency to act”.
The presence of Mr. Champagne was confirmed on Tuesday as a video was released to launch a new campaign to promote the Transition Pact. Mr. Champagne is the spokesperson for the Pact. As such, he has already met with Prime Minister François Legault.

The general council of the Future Coalition Quebec (CAQ) must focus specifically on the environment – the Achilles heel of the formation of Mr. Legault, according to the opposition parties. According to the communiqué issued by the team of Pacte, Mr. Champagne “will try to convince of the urgency to act” in front of the climatic upheavals.

More than 276,000 people have signed the Pact so far: they commit themselves to reduce their ecological footprint with certain gestures, for example by reducing their consumption of oil, reducing their consumption of farmed meat, by limiting their waste production, etc.

Several personalities from the artistic world participate in this video to invite citizens to sign the Pact. These include appearances by actor and performer Christian Bégin, singer Charlotte Cardin, comedian Emmanuel Bilodeau, comedian Julien Corriveau, Les Cowboys fringants, painter Marc Séguin, comedienne Debbie Lynch-White, and than the director and novelist Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette.


The official opposition is pleased with the platform obtained by Mr. Champagne, but doubts the real intentions of the CAQ. Liberal Environment Critic, MP Marie Montpetit, said the government’s efforts to promote the government have not paid off.

In an interview with The Canadian Press, she recalled that the instigators of the Covenant handed over to the government in December a bill that had already been drafted, aimed at enforcing the greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction targets established by Quebec for 2020, but that the government has not tabled it in the House.

“The Minister of the Environment (Benoit Charette) has closed the door (to tabling the bill),” said Montpetit. She wonders “what is the intention of the CAQ”, other than “to make green marketing”.

She hopes that Caquist activists and elected officials will eventually be convinced by the speech of Mr. Champagne, while waiting to see the concrete effects of this awareness in the actions of the government.

“I wish it was the spark that created the epiphany. It will be in the coming weeks and months that we will be able to see that, not at the end of the speeches that will be made that day. “

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