Environment: do not stop in such a good way

On July 31, I was surprised. Almost all of Radio-Canada’s newscast is devoted to the environment. In fact, Sobey’s announcement announces the elimination in the short term of single-use plastic bags, the very rapid increase in sales of meatless steaks, and the rehabilitation of the Louis Robert pesticide whistleblower. and we are devoting a long time to the growing phenomenon of veganism.
S erait this the beginning of a real movement towards social change expected for so long? It pleases me to see that we are collectively engaged in concrete actions aimed at greater protection of our environment.

However, we should not stop there. Let’s not forget the great need to do more in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčresponsible consumption by limiting purchases to what is really needed, by choosing preferably purchases of organic items, fair, user, reusable and recyclable.

We must also do more, in the field of transportation by generalizing the electrification of these, carsharing, carpooling, public transport, cycling, scooters, skateboarding and rollerblading, not to mention limiting air travel that is not mandatory.

Do not stop in this way, it will be a plus not only for us, but for all our descendants.

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