FEQ: Jazz Cartier and Gucci Mane with Logic on the Plains

The poster of the now-unavoidable Quebec City Summer Festival hip-hop party (FEQ) is now complete, while the names of rappers Jazz Cartier and Gucci Mane have joined those of Lil Pump and Logic.
The four artists will follow one another on the main stage of the Plains of Abraham on July 12th. For fans of rap, the party will continue at the Armory, while Alaclair Ensemble will drive the late evening “After-FEQ”. Dice 00:45, two members of the group, Vlooper and KNLO, will move to turntables to continue to dance festival-goers.

Remember that the FEQ will also give pride to rappers by July 13, while Vincent Biliwald, D-Track, Robert Nelson, No Pressure, Naya Ali, Koriass and Loud parade at 15h instead George V.

The FEQ will take place from July 4th to 14th.

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