Fewer roadworks in 2019 in Quebec City

The Ville de Québec is investing $ 79.5 million this season in 280 construction sites. This is a far cry from the 850 projects last year that represented an investment of $ 113.5 million.

“The MTQ will do a lot of work and people will use the transit routes of the municipal network,” says Councilman Steeve Verret. We want to reduce the barriers because we know that there are traffic lanes that will serve as a bypass. “

The works in question are in particular those on the Henri IV Highway, in addition to others to come on the bridges of Pierre-Bertrand Boulevard, Labelle Street and another in the bridges sector. . The MTQ has 24 projects in its 2019 programming.

Of the municipal works that will also create significant impediments, at least two are due to the construction or repair of buildings that will create encroachment on public roads.

This is the case with the construction of the Sainte-Foy sports center, avenue Roland-Beaudin. Nearby, the work of the Church Road continues.

In Saint-Roch, St. Joseph Street will be closed for several weeks in the fall between Dorchester and Crown Streets with the refurbishment of the Gabrielle Roy Library.

In Haute-Ville, traffic may also be difficult in the fall. René-Levesque Boulevard will only offer two out of six lanes, near Honoré-Mercier Avenue, due to work on the expansion joints at the Convention Center parking lot, located under this key artery. To this must be added the ongoing renovation of sidewalks south side of the street Saint-Jean intramural.

Pavement and sidewalks

In total, the City will asphalt 56.6 kilometers of pavement, refurbish or construct 32.5 kilometers of new sidewalks and change 6.4 kilometers of underground pipelines.

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