Firefighters in Quebec save a parrot from a fire

Firefighters saved a parrot from a fire Monday morning in Cap-Rouge.
At 11:10 am, the Quebec Fire Protection Service (SPCIQ) received a call for a fire that broke out on the floor of a residence at 1084 Louis-Armand-Desjardins Street.

When the firefighters arrived, a mother and her baby had already evacuated the house. Mom had been alerted by the smoke alarms.

Informed that a parrot was still on the ground floor, firefighters did not hesitate to enter the house. “It was the firefighters who took it out,” says SPCIQ spokesman Alexandre Lajoie.

“If the conditions allow us to quickly recover the animal without putting our life in danger, we go,” says Lajoie.

Firefighters quickly controlled the fire, which resulted in significant damage to the second floor of the residence.

The fire seems to have originated near a closet and an air conditioner upstairs.

The fire station is investigating to determine the exact cause of the fire.

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