Frederic Demers retracts and offers to the donors to repay them

Frédéric Demers retracts. The man who called for people’s sympathy and asked for $ 10,000 to buy oxygen machines offered to the donors to pay them back.
“I would like to offer you to repay your donations, because despite myself, [I] always believed that my health was due to toxic fumes. Today [Friday], I was informed that it was impossible. I also wish to apologize for frightening people in Lac-Mégantic. I’m sorry for the confusion, “he said in a statement posted on the GoFundMe website.

The one who says he helped the Lac-Mégantic first responders reimburses donors “for the sake of transparency,” he says.

During audits with health experts this week, doctors at La Tribune have serious doubts about the cause-and-effect relationship between the Lac-Mégantic rail tragedy and Frédéric Demers’ medical condition.

Remember that during his campaign GoFundMe, the man has raised nearly $ 24,000. Frédéric Demers claimed to have been affected by Wegener’s granulomatosis after inhaling toxic fumes in the first minutes of the tragedy, while no other case was recorded in Lac-Mégantic six years after the tragedy.

Doctors questioned the cause of Mr. Demers’ illness. One of them recalls, among other things, that when a patient receives a diagnosis requiring oxygen, machines are loaned free of charge by the CLSC.

“All the equipment for which he is asking for funding is provided free of charge by the National Home Oxygen Program when we have the diagnosis,” said a doctor at La Tribune. It’s super easy access to Canada and Quebec. It is provided free of charge by the CLSC until the end of the patient’s life. Nobody dies of lack of access to oxygen in Canada. When a patient needs oxygen, there is a whole process of not missing it. Hydro reconnection as a priority and close medical follow-up, among others. ”

Donors wishing to recover the amount of money donated to Frédéric Demers via the GoFundMe fundraising campaign can do so by visiting the crowdfunding site.

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