Give back to the next generation and regional clubs

When announcing their retirement, Samuel Girard and Kasandra Bradette expressed their desire to give back to their sport by visiting the youth clubs in so-called remote regions. A project that has pleased many coaches present at the Speed ​​Skating Federation convention in Saguenay.

“It has always been in our plans to help and give back to our sport. Our schedules did not allow it, but we propose to go everywhere in Quebec, in clubs that do not have the chance to have athletes, explain Samuel and Kasandra. We really want to share our experience with young people and the community. ”

Samuel Girard would like this type of meeting with the next generation to be allowed more often. “I think we do not give enough back during a season. Coaches should allow us to have some time to give back to the sport, to ensure a succession. I think we do not do enough. We are going to make up for lost time, as much with those here or those of Baie-Comeau, Matane or whatever. It’s difficult to manage, but it’s a duty we want to make, “he told a press conference.

The project did not fall on deaf ears, and the Matane club coach went to meet them at the end of the conference to learn about their availability.

Obviously, Kasandra and Samuel thanked all their loved ones, the clubs of the region (F18 of La Baie for Samuel and Éclairs de Saint-Félicien for Kasandra) who guided them in their first steps, as well as the Marc-Gagnon Regional Center « which allowed us to continue to evolve while remaining as long as possible in our region. The Marc-Gagnon Center has been a catalyst for our career, “said the two lovebirds, who each left the region at age 17 to train at the National Center based in Montreal.

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