He drives drunk with four children in his vehicle

A 37-year-old man was in a dangerous situation driving drunk with his four children in the vehicle on the streets of Sherbrooke.
He will not only have to defend himself from this accusation, but also to have driven with a sanctioned license.

When he made this bad decision on Tuesday night, the man added it by taking a seat in a vehicle that could not drive on the roads.

It was an audit at the Quebec Police Information Center (CRPQ) by patrol officers of the Sherbrooke Police Service at around 10 pm in the downtown area, which intercepted the vehicle.

“The driver of the vehicle smelled of alcohol,” says Sherbrooke Police Service spokesman Samuel Ducharme.

Checks with the approved detection device (ADA) revealed that the driver had an alcohol level that was too high to drive. Suspicions confirmed at the SPS headquarters while the driver recorded a blood alcohol level above the allowable limit of 80 mg of alcohol per 100 ml of blood.

A sad scene that took place at the intersection of Belvedere and Fusiliers streets under the eyes of the four children of the suspect, the youngest of whom was 8 years old.

Given the vehicle’s driving prohibition, the driver’s license and his new alcohol-impaired driving offense, the vehicle was seized.

“It’s a friend who came to the police station to look for the suspect and his children,” said the SPS spokesman.

Charges will be laid against the 37-year-old man over the next few weeks.

A report will also be made by the SPS to the youth protection directorate (DPJ).

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