Headquarters: Looking to the future

Will SNC-Lavalin be the target of an offer to purchase that would threaten the maintenance of its head office in Quebec? This question will long fuel discussions in the media and around coffee machines. This is always the case when it comes to the ownership of our large companies. It happened with Rona, Alcan, Sico, St-Hubert and company.
From them points of view will still oppose. On the one hand, some will call for government intervention to prevent the departure of the decision-making center of the company. On the other hand, we warn against any costly intervention, recalling that the number of businesses acquired by Quebecers abroad has historically surpassed the number of foreign-owned businesses acquired here.

But a third voice deserves to be heard.

Protecting the gains is good. Engaging and investing to bring out all of our creative and entrepreneurial potential is better. The jewels of yesterday and today will only be part of Quebec inc. tomorrow and, we must hope, many of our future major headquarters are currently start-up companies, startups and SMEs in a growth phase.

The more we make it easier to create and support these companies, the more we will have head offices. The economy can be seen as a garden or a forest. Even the tallest trees can die. But if we maintain a healthy, diverse and alive ground, new shoots will take root and unfold.

Very clever who can predict who are the future CGI, CAE, Pharmascience, Aldo or Quebecor. But we need this talent and dynamism to make the heart of our economy beat in five, ten or twenty years. It is through this renewal and diversification that Qu├ębec will remain competitive in the world, continue to create wealth and jobs and export its know-how to all corners of the world. The more our incubator of future head offices will be fueled, well supported and valued, in particular by a strong, sophisticated and in-line business relationship with entrepreneurs, the more we will have the chance to see them grow and stay in Quebec later.

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