Investments of 2.7 million at Concorde hotel and JAJA restaurant

Concorde Quebec will invest $ 2 million this fall to continue upgrading the hotel on Grande Allée. The owners have already invested $ 10 million since the purchase in 2014. For its part, the JAJA restaurant will allocate $ 700,000 to renovate its dining room.
The hen Jean-Guy Sylvain and his associates decided to buy Concorde, there are five, their wish was to revive the hotel to become the number one choice for visitors to Quebec and it is accessible to all.

The owners have therefore injected money to renovate the rooms and create an urban spa with a swimming pool.

To ensure the revival of the hotel, Jean-Guy Sylvain also wanted to join a strong and experienced group to operate the banquet service – corporate and event menus. He turned to the owners of Resto Plaisirs to create the family restaurant JAJA and the only revolving restaurant in the province, Ciel! Bistro Bar. The latter, which offers a 360 degree view of the city and the river has become inescapable for the local clientele and tourists.

Renovation of the JAJA

Resto Plaisirs will also allocate nearly $ 700,000 for the renovation of the JAJA. Two years ago, the group also invested $ 200,000 in kitchen remodeling.

Since 2014, more than 500,000 people a year have been walking through the doors of the Grande-Allée hotel. This iconic establishment is easily recognizable by its unusual shape and illuminated dome in the evening.

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