Ken Pereira will be a candidate for Maxime Bernier’s party

Ken Pereira will run in the federal election for the People’s Party of Canada (PPC), the new political party led by Maxime Bernier.
M . Pereira confirmed the news to Canadian Press on Monday, and an official announcement is due Tuesday in the Quebec City area.

The former unionist greeted in an interview the “courage” of Maxime Bernier, “a career politician who takes a chance with a new vision by leaving the Conservatives”.

He said he was in “some values” of the CPP, and said he wanted to defend “the interest of Quebeckers and Canadians, and in particular the middle class that has been neglected for years.”

“Education is going nowhere. If you do not send your children to private school, or your friends or family to a private clinic, you’ve never been well served, “said Ken Pereira, saying he wants a” better vision “for the public system.

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau insists he works for the middle class. How would she be better served with Ken Pereira and the CPP?

“Everyone is here for the middle class, but the result is different. (…) Who represents in the parties, the middle class, you’ll see, it’s rarely someone who comes directly from the middle class, it’s still an elite, “he said.

“We try, for ecological reasons, to say … Our energies, our pipelines, everything is pushed aside, and who pays in there, it’s still the middle class,” he added.

Alert whistle

The industrial mechanic also said he wanted to work for the protection of “whistleblowers”.

In 2013, Ken Pereira caught the eye with his revelations to the Charbonneau Commission on the direction of the FTQ-Construction and the people surrounding his former executive director, Jocelyn Dupuis, and his former president, Jean Lavallée.

“Everybody can make a difference,” said Ken Pereira when asked about the fact that the Popular Party is still in its infancy. “Everybody told me I was going to be crushed, and the truth came out. Each individual can make a difference, and I think that with Maxime Bernier and his vehicle, we will be able to move forward. “

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