Legault on economic mission to the United States

François Legault embarked on an economic mission to the United States on Sunday, two days after signing an agreement to lift Canadian steel and aluminum tariffs.
The Prime Minister’s visit, which initially aimed to denounce the imposition of these surcharges, will focus, among other things, on the promotion of Québec’s hydroelectricity.

According to a statement from the Prime Minister’s Office, Legault will discuss the willingness of New York Mayor Bill de Blasio to supply his entire municipal infrastructure with Canadian hydropower.

De Blasio unveiled the plan last month, saying he wants to start negotiations “on the spot” to reach an agreement by the end of 2020.

If the authorities of the city and the state of New York agree with Hydro-Quebec, the project of the line Champlain Hudson Power Express (CHPE) could concretize to convey up to eight terawatt hours of surplus electricity towards the largest city in the United States.

François Legault will also benefit from his visit to New York to offer business opportunities with Quebec companies, particularly in the field of artificial intelligence. He will be accompanied for the occasion by Montreal researcher Yoshua Bengio, a world leader in the field.

During his four-day mission, François Legault will also visit the American capital, where he will defend Quebec’s commercial interests despite the recent resolution of the trade dispute initiated by President Donald Trump last June.

He will multiply “high level political meetings,” reads his cabinet press release, “in a context where trade tensions between China and the United States remain important.”

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