Lieutenant-Governor of New Brunswick Jocelyne Roy Vienneau passed away

New Brunswick lieutenant-governor Jocelyne Roy Vienneau has died of cancer, her office said Friday morning.
M me Roy Vienneau was Lieutenant Governor of the province since 2014. Prior to his arrival in office, the Lieutenant Governor has long worked in the field of education.

She has been Dean and Director of the New Brunswick Community College and Vice-Rector of the Université de Moncton.

This trained engineer has also held the position of Assistant Deputy Minister of Post-Secondary Education in the provincial government.

In a statement, Prime Minister Blaine Higgs praised this “ardent defender of the province”. “During her tenure as Lieutenant Governor, she championed literacy, the cause of mental health, and the need to develop a new sense of pride in where we live. let’s live, “he said.

He also pointed to his “unshakable leadership” in the last election in the province, which led to the election of a minority government.

The Lieutenant Governor played an important role in this transition period.

The outgoing prime minister, Brian Gallant, tried to cling to power, and the threat of a second election hovered. Roy Vienneau then called on the parties to agree because “another provincial election would not be in the best interest of New Brunswickers”.

Some time later, the Lieutenant Governor allowed Mr. Gallant to remain in office until he lost the confidence of the House. The Liberal prime minister was finally defeated, and Roy Vienneau invited Conservative Blaine Higgs to form the government.

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