Mademoiselle en route to a first album

Since the time she dreams, Mademoiselle has never been so close to record her first album. The project is already well advanced, but the singer now relies on her fans to help finance a part. His intention: to present ten benefit shows, the first of which will take place in Granby, in his city.
” I collapse ! “Mademoiselle launches, speaking of this opus she wants to launch in 2020.” It’s been eight years since I try to release an album, that I compose, that I work with many people. It’s a really strange course, but I accept it and am patient. “

She often failed to reach it, this goal, but she had to give it up every time, for a thousand reasons. The artist is however convinced that this time will be the good one.

“What’s really thrilling is that for the first time ever, I’m not making any artistic compromises. Suddenly, I clearly feel what I mean and what style I want to adopt. It turned out to me and I started to compose. It was really easy. ”

Queen, Muse, Diane Dufresne, Tim Burton, St-Exupery … She feeds on all those past and present characters whose imagination is as rich as hers.

Unsurprisingly, it will therefore be, she says, a theatrical album that combines cinematic atmospheres, film and pop music. “It’s a bit like a homecoming. I already have a dozen songs composed, but I’m working with director Carl Vaudrin. ”

This meeting clearly influenced the new musical direction of the young woman, who raved about the Quebec pianist / composer / producer.

Recognized for his soundtracks of films and video games, Vaudrin has also worked with popular artists. In meeting him, Mademoiselle immediately felt that he understood his particular universe. “All that is theatrical, whimsical, is his bag. And as a human being, I really connected with him. We have the same taste. ”

And because everything “will be done in his time,” the duo regularly collaborates remotely and in person to complete the 12 pieces they intend to include on the album. “It goes a little more each week. But the timetable is difficult to predict … I hope to register it in 2020. ”

First made in the studio with musicians ClĂ©ment Jr Hobbs 111 – his spouse – Simon Daigle, Jonathan Gendreau and Carl Vaudrin, the record will then enrich the strings of the renowned London Chamber Orchestra. Nothing less.

Call to the public

But quality has a price. Mademoiselle estimates at $ 50,000 the cost of such an album. This is where benefit shows take on their importance. A first is already scheduled in Granby in August, and another in Sutton in November. “If I do a dozen shows, that would make it happen,” she says, adding that the project will go ahead, regardless of the amount raised.

With her three usual musicians, she will offer covers that she likes, but also a first extract of the album, arranged by Carl Vaudrin. “Like that, people will have a glimpse of my musical universe. ”

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