Mainstreet Economy Survey: Policies, Yes, Carbon Tax, No

The Liberal Party of Canada gets generally good ratings from voters for its economic policies over the past four years, but not for its carbon tax, according to a Mainstreet poll conducted for Capitales Médias Group and iPolitics.
O nly 41% of respondents indicated that they believe the carbon tax had an impact “fairly” or “very” positive for the Canadian economy, against 47% who considered harmful. Other past surveys have shown support for this tax as an environmental policy, but as an economic measure, it is the only one that receives more negative “than” positive “ratings” from those proposed by Mainstreet.

The Canada child benefit has the highest rating, with 61% rating it positive for the economy, compared with 20% rating it as negative. “It’s a little surprising because usually, it is rather measures for infrastructure that are seen as the most positive for the economy, says Luc Fortin, Mainstreet. We see why so many ministers and MPs have been mobilized on social networks in recent days to put this allocation forward: the Trudeau government knows it’s a popular measure. ”

Investments in infrastructure still receive 56% favorable opinions against 25% unfavorable. It should be noted that the new free trade agreement between Canada, the United States and Mexico gets a softer “bulletin” although overall positive: 47% consider it good or very good for the economy, against 33% who are contrary opinion.

Interestingly, says Mr. Fortin, “all economic measures of the Trudeau government receive stronger support in Quebec than in the rest of Canada, except for the TransMountain pipeline [which the federal government bought back in 2018 and which it approved. expansion this year, note], which receives 48% of positive responses in Quebec against 51% elsewhere in Canada.

According to the pollster, these answers reflect the philosophical preferences of the respondents. “We see it about the carbon tax: people who support more progressive parties will see the carbon tax more as being positive for the economy, and people on the far right will see more negative effects. And what we can also see in this is that in Quebec there is a more interventionist culture than elsewhere in Canada, a fairly broad basket of services, and that is why Quebeckers approve more the policies of the Trudeau government. ”

The survey was conducted among 2,651 adult Canadians between June 27 and July 2. Its margin of error is ± 1.9% 19 times out of 20.

41% of respondents believe carbon tax has a “fairly” or “very” favorable impact on the Canadian economy
47% of respondents consider it harmful for the economy
61% of respondents rate the Canada Child Benefit as a positive measure for the economy
47% think the new free trade agreement between Canada, the United States and Mexico is good or very good for the economy
48% of Quebecers surveyed by Mainstreet have a positive opinion on the TransMountain pipeline, compared to 51% elsewhere in Canada

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