Man stabbed live on Facebook in Trois-Rivieres

A man was charged with armed assault Wednesday for stabbing a friend at a residence on boulevard Sainte-Madeleine in Trois-Rivières while participating together in a video conversation between several people broadcast live on the network Facebook, Tuesday afternoon.
It was at the home of the suspect, Reda Benabed, a 33-year-old man, that the event occurred. According to the Police Department of Trois-Rivières, a dispute broke out around 17h between the suspect and his friend, Emilien Turcotte, 22 years old. A physical altercation ensued and led to the stabbing. The stab wounds were seen live by participants in the discussion who immediately alerted the authorities by giving them the address of the place of the armed aggression.

Injured in the chest, the victim immediately went to the convenience store near the place to contact the rescue. “He came into the store in a rush, shouting that he had been” stung “. So we contacted the authorities and the rest of the scene took place outside, “says the owner of the convenience store, Olier Couture.

It should be noted that alcohol may have been one of the factors behind the knife attack.

The suspect was summoned to appear Wednesday morning at the Trois-Rivières courthouse. He faces four charges in connection with the incident. The other man was taken to hospital with minor injuries. He was discharged a few hours after admission. However, he too will have to face the court as a result of the events. His appearance, scheduled for Wednesday afternoon, could lead to formal charges of obstruction of justice.

Three-Rivers Public Security spokeswoman Carole Arbelot explains that the presence of patrollers near the residence has allowed a quick and effective intervention to proceed with the arrest of the suspect. The scene was also broadcast live on Facebook by the suspect himself. Authorities have been able to capture the videos of the arrest and assault and use them as evidence in court.

Moreover, according to the spokesperson, the fact that the events were broadcast on social networks did not change the way the authorities operated. “Our methods remain the same whether or not there is a broadcast. In this case, we were able to get our hands on the videos and have proof to present to the court. ”

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