Minimum sentence of 5 years to child molesters, promises Scheer

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer is picking up where his predecessor Stephen Harper left off on justice and announcing he will impose a minimum five-year sentence on anyone guilty of “serious sexual assault on a child”.
Visiting Delson, Montérégie, on Thursday, Andrew Scheer presented it as a measure to combat violence against children, although it is a provision that would occur after such acts of violence were posed .

The Conservative leader says that this desire to toughen sentences is one way to ensure that victims are heard.

Although this intention is not accompanied by measures to support the victims, the Conservative leader promised that announcements on this subject would also come.

Mr. Scheer denounced the fact that people could receive sentences of only a few months, referring to cases where child sex offenders were sentenced to 25 months or 30 months imprisonment and were eligible for parole after only 8 or 10 months depending on the case.

Mr. Scheer acknowledged, however, that an offender sentenced to a minimum of five years, 60 months, would still be eligible for parole after 20 months.

Minimum sentences have, however, been successfully challenged a few times in court; the Quebec Court of Appeal and even the Supreme Court have ruled that the imposition of a minimum sentence in certain cases is unconstitutional.

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